Short Term Car Insurance: Advantages

Short Coverage Periods
The primary advantage of short term car insurance and temporary van insurance is the fact that it is so flexible. Periods of coverage can range from one day to weeks or months. Flexible car insurance means that you decide what the period of coverage is based on your own needs and budget. This gives you control of how much money you wish to spend and doesn't lock you into a long and expensive policy period, giving you coverage you will never use.

Flexible car insurance can help with planning. It allows you to preselect a certain coverage period either presently or in the future and buy insurance solely for that period. You can thus incorporate it easily into various plans that involve using or insuring a vehicle. If these plans change, it is easy to change the coverage period to fit the new arrangements.

If you're taking driving lessons, you may want to take out short term car insurance on your own vehicle. If you are supervised by an experienced driver who is over 21, and the insured car has L-plates, you can have the extra practice you need before your test.
Peace of Mind
What all this adds up to is peace of mind. It is just nice to know that it is quick and easy to find this sort of insurance, purchase it, and use it to give you greater protection from unexpected accidents (or the legal consequences of driving without insurance).

Peace of mind allows your plans to go more smoothly and for you to enjoy them more. It also allows others who may be driving a car you have temporarily insured to feel more relaxed and secure about driving it.